PlayStation 5 - FINAL DESIGN LEAKED! (Pre-Order Coming Soon)

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New PlayStation 5 final design has now been leaked along side some of the most exciting information we're looking forward to which is the ps5 release date and the ps5 reveal event date and when sony will be revealing the ps5. Now there was a new leaked patent design that got leaked which seems to be the new final ps5 design and we also have a real ps5 leaked picture that was taken by someone who have leaked the new playstation 5. The Next gen console era is finally nearing and we are so close to pre order ps5 in no time, but as of now it is said that we will get a ps5 reveal on 5th february 2020 or if not on 29th february 2020 which is when sony playstation have booked a hall for a private event. we've also receive more info on the Xbox Series X and Xbox lockhart which is said to be a cheaper version of the xbox, But when it comes to playstation 5 it is said that we will only be getting one ps5 model and there wont be a ps5 pro as of now.

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