1939 Lego WW2 Battle For Poland

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Early in the overcast morning of September 1, 1939, Hitler's Luftwaffe bombed and strafed towns in Poland before Germany's armored and mounted units flooded north and east across the border as part of Fall Weiß ("Case White").

Not long afterwards, Russia invaded and occupied eastern Poland as part of the non-aggression pact between Stalin and Hitler.

Russians sold separately.

We do not design the models, except the buildings and artillery. Credit for instructions for the tanks, planes, etc. to:

www.Custombricks.de :
Polish 7TP tank, Czech-made Panzer 35(t) tank, SDKFZ 251-1 halftrack, and Opel Blitz truck

Kirill Simerzin on MocPages:
Armored car

"Snaillad" on Ebay:
The yellow automobile that gets bombed

"Legometalslug" on Ebay:
The Stuka divebomber airplane

Murdoch17 on Mocpages
The black truck behind the yellow car that got bombed

The Bf109 fighter plane is based on their instructions with our own color scheme

All rifles and machine guns by Brickarms from G.I. Brick

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