Bob Marley & The Wailers "The best of his early years" 2hs45min of pure reggae music [HQ]

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All his early days' songs, previous to his albums on Island records and the Chris Backwell era..
57 original versions with different flavor,powerful arrangements, nice horns embellishments, dub versions and some Peter Tosh collaborations.
Bob Marley in the raw.
Songs are listed in alphabetical order.
Todas sus primeras grabaciones, previas a sus discos en Island Records y la era Chris Backwell.
57 versiones originales con un sabor diferente,poderosos arreglos, buenos vientos, versiones dub y unas cuantas colaboraciones de Peter Tosh.
Bob Marley en crudo.
Los temas están en orden alfabético.


400 Years (Bob Marley Feat.Peter Tosh) 00:00
African Herbsman 02:30
All In One 04:51
Back out 08:21
Brain washing 10:31
Can't you see (Bob Marley feat.Peter Tosh) 13:07
Caution 15:49
Chances are 18:27
Cheer up 21:40
Corner stone 23:40
Do it twice 26:06
Don't rock my boat 28:45
Duppy Conqueror 33:12
Fussin' & Fightin' 36:39
Go Tell It On The Mountain (Bob Marley Feat.Peter Tosh) 39:04
Hammer 42:16
How many times 45:05
Hypocrites (Dubb) 47:27
It's alright 50:09
Kaya 52:43
Keep on moving 55:11
Lively Up Yourself 58:15
Mellow Mood (Dubb) 01:01:05
Mellow Mood 01:04:32
Memphis 01:07:03
Mr.Brown 01:09:58
Mr. Chatterbox (Dubb) 01:13:24
My Cup (Dubb) 01:16:26
My Cup 01:19:37
Natural Mystic 01:23:09
No sympathy (Bob Marley Feat.Peter Tosh) 01:28:50
No water 01:31:01
Put it on 01:33:08
Rainbow country 01:36:12
Reaction 01:41:57
Rebels hop 01:44:43
Redder Than Red (Dubb) 01:47:13
Riding High 01:50:02
Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah (Dubb) 01:52:46
Small axe 01:55:23
Soon come (Feat.Peter Tosh) 01:59:04
Soul Almighty (Dubb) 02:01:17
Soul Almighty 02:04:35
Soul captive 02:07:12
Soul rebel 02:09:11
Soul shakedown party 02:12:53
Stand alone 02:15:58
Stop the train (Bob Marley Feat.Peter Tosh) 02:18:04
Sun is shining 02:20:21
Thank you Lord (dubb) 02:22:31
There she goes 02:26:10
Touch me 02:28:43
Treat You Right 02:31:46
Trenchtown Rock 02:33:55
Try Me (Dubb) 02:36:46
Try Me 02:39:48
You Cant Do That To Me (Bob Marley Feat.Peter Tosh) 02:42:32
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