Star Wars Rap Battle Ep. 5 - Rey & Finn vs Han & Leia

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Our “Finn” is a real, talented rapper:
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Filmed at AudioWest studio:

Audio recorded at Sapphire Studios by Andrew Pulley

Creator/Director: Keith Allen
Writers: Scott Knopf & Donnie Bonelli
DP: Patrick Hayes
PA: Emily Bean, Elisha Thompson

Rey: Nikole Higgins
Finn: Najee
Leia: Shae Robins
Solo: Keith Allen
Vader: Dallen Jensen

A MASSIVE thank you to all the extras that came out to help!



Han: I love a battle, this oughta be lots of fun
Those are the eyes of a man who wants to run
Leia: Your raps are trash
And I guess that kinda makes sense
Rey's from a garbage heap and Finn works in sanitation

Han: When you're fresh to death
Man, it's easy to breathe
You got a lot learn, and it's easy to see
You stole your style from unkar plutt who stole his style from the Irving boys who stole their style from ducain who stole his from me

Leia: You're a fly in the cream
Trying to fake the classics
I think you overestimate your chances
Han: the longer you wait, the longer you linger
Leia: the more this battle will slip through your fingers
Facin’ a hutt slayer better stand down on the double
Han: get ready to rumble
Both: You stepped to a power couple
Han: knockin the air out from you,
if you stumble out your bubble
Leia: Now we're making you fools choke like I made old jabba the hutt do


Leia: your weak flow/will never be equal to the regal
You're not us!
Han: Shoot, you were brought up on the prequels
No Vader, no yoda no jabba, no boba no Chewie
Leia: um hun all of those characters did appear in those movies

Both: and they still sucked
Leia: Ya skills just don't build up
to mine/Han's
Han: Icons
Leia: can't ever kill us
Han: we battled Vader we ain't ever getting old
Leia: You imitators are fakers can't hang with originals
Han: For 20 years you've been stranded in the sand
Leia For 40 years my brand has been in demand.
Han: Fin spent his life in a can
Leia: listen kids, You better act right like you've been given a chance

Han: Yo, Look how she's stuck holdin’ her man, Do you even know how to rap without him holding your hand?
Leia: Fan girl over Han, calculating your chance
Han: I got the baddest chick in the galaxy
Leia: and here she stands

FINN AND REY - ROUND ONE (Note: All of Finn's lyrics are in [brackets])
[What the heck were you expecting when you were expecting?
You got a Sith Lord in your stomach, use the Force to “correct it”]
Yo, Kylo Ren…might not been half as bad
If Han Solo hadn’t been a deadbeat dad
[Take a second, take a minute, take a mental pause]

‘Cause we’d all be better off if this mom went through menopause
[Your father blew up planets, your son is his descendant
If you can still get pregnant, I wouldn’t recommend it]
[Ugly vest!] He think he a hot dad
[Stupid dress!] Her outfit is all bad
[How old are you now?] She’s having a hot flash
There goes a Dianoga ‘cause their verses are hot trash

[Took the wrong path, got a tramp stamp of a womp rat, who wants that?
I’d rather smell Jabba pass gas, have a one night stand with Boss Nass]
I shoot from the hip, if you push me, get the whole clip
And I don’t need a man, …I fly my own ship!


My name is Rey from Jakku, I’ll cut down all of your crew
[They call me Finn and I’m winning, you ancient losers are through]
You’re getting older, it’s scary, your friends got rolled up and buried
They went from living legendary to dead and rotting in the cemetery
[In Wookie years, Chewbacca’s like four-hundred-and-thirty
Skip the taxidermy, hurry, turn that beast into jerky]

But don’t you dare shoot his face [Naw, I’m aimin’ for chest and legs…]
It’s time to put that dog down… [Put his head above my fireplace]
These Rebels are barely worth…[half a portion each]

So I’ll break ‘em down and trade ‘em in, take the Falcon, clip its wings
Swinging with that weaponry ’til heads and necks are separate things
Separate ‘em, devastate ‘em, Aldaraan ‘em, rest in peace

[Me and Rey and BB-8, greatest team that’s ever made
Add Poe and Maz, that’s even hotter, why’d you haters even bother?]
Heard a rumor. [You’re their daughter?] No, this one is even odder
This one needs the Vader voice…
Luke is Kylo’s father
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