IDNA – spatial storytelling series prototype

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IDNA prototype wind GDC best in Play award!

IDNA is the first story deployed on our spatial storytelling prototype for VR and mobile devices. Each scene is designed on 360 degrees, so that you can explore it however you want through the story. This is done simply by turning the device around you. The story has branches: according to the user’s focus on certain angles or characters, the film may seamlessly take a different path. The idea is to bring the viewer to follow the story according to its sensitivity and its affects to a particular character or a particular event. The audio narrative is 3D sound, sensitive to the body's orientation.

The story can be seen again and again in order to understand the whole plot. The viewer can discover elements of the story he had not been aware of by focusing his attention on a different character or frame at precise moments in the film. The narrative evolves also depending on the weather and time of day-

The project was presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 ( and X Media Lab Switzerland.

Author of IDNA: Sylvain Joly
360° narrative design: apelab, Emilie Tappolet
Prototype prod: HEAD – Geneva, apelab
Final production: apelab, the people (crowdfunding)
narrative, interactive, spatial, 360, choose your adventure, storytelling, iPad, Sylvain Joly, IDNA, apelab, Emilie Tappolet

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