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''REMEMBER BERLIN'' a narrative short film


/// WHAT /// WHY /// HOW ///

On April 21st 2015 I was in Berlin for work; in the afternoon I found my self free for a few hours and I took a stroll down the beautiful German capital. I brought my camera with me; there was no plan on making a movie out of these very limited 4 hours trip but I suddenly felt once more the urge to share the history, knowledge, awareness and inner beauty that this city and it's heritage has to offer.

/// LISTEN ///

Please listen carefully; take 3 minutes out of your day to immerse your self into this audio/visual journey. The film contains an extract of the famous J.F. KENNEDY Berlin speech accompanied by Yann Tiersen's gem. You would be surprised to see and hear how relevant this still is at this very day.

/// CAMERA ///

The whole film was shot on a SONY A7s, handheld, 60fps 40% slowed down in post

Sony 18-105mm f4 (in APS-C)
Sony 10-18mm f4 (FF Mode)
Picture Profile: PP6
Graded in Color Finale, FCPX with James Miller DELUTs

Film & Edit: Mattia Abeni -
Audio: June 26th 1963 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy - BERLIN
Music: - Summer 78
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