Bollywood actors UGLY fight with media

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The media sure has a lot of power. If it can make the career of a celebrity, it has the ability to destroy it too. But at times, they certainly overstep their boundaries. From journalists to the paparazzi, media persons have often gotten on the wrong side of celebrities and have had to face the music. Take a look at the top 10 Bollywood celebrity-media spats that made news.

When you think about it, Bollywood is just like any another business, with people having conflicting opinions like employees of any other industry would have. So while you and I like to bitch about our bosses and colleagues, actors too need a vent out!

However, the difference lies in the fact that while most of our snide remarks vapourize in thin air with the drags of cigarettes at lunch time, the statements made by our celebrities kick off controversies and become decorated headlines in national dailies. Here are 20 such sensational remarks by Bollywood stars with media which sparked off controversies:

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