A visual diary

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Danke für Deine Bewertung!

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1,200 kilometres one week, 600 the next. My job involves a lot of travel. On these trips I get to see hidden gems: tiny desert flowers shaking in the breeze, vast dusty valleys and the sun setting on a bright perfect plain.

Trips always begin on the North West Coastal Highway. From there it might be the Great Northern, the Marble Bar or the Nanutarra-Wittenoom. Eventually they peter out into dirt.

Turning to the mirror, I keep an eye on the massive, billowing cloud of red dust churning behind.
I like to imagine what the scene would look like from a plane overhead. A vehicle alone in the outback tearing across a massive dry expanse, a dead-straight red road in front and behind, horizon to horizon. I’m sure the huge dust cloud would look great from above.

Eventually I turn off the Phillip Adams podcast and just listen to the sound of tight corrugations in the track. Tiny birds swoop down in a swirl, before shooting up and away. This is my day in the life.

I’ve been out on the road a lot lately and sometimes want to savour these moments. I want to keep a simple record or reminder of somewhere special. I’ve been turning the camera back on, setting up the tripod and waiting. Patience pays off and my little diary grows. I have an inspiration folder sitting on my desktop: a hundred shots of explorer's treasure, wondrous outback vistas.

I love my job.
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